Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family of Four

Four is kind of a hard my dear friend once asked me, "Why are you so prejudice against even numbers?" I am constantly having to remind her that they are not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as odd numbers. In this family's case...they are pretty enough to counteract the even number. :)
Their beautiful faces don't even show a bit of how we drove through a mini tornado to get these pics. Thanks for weathering the storm and bearing with me. I had a lot of fun with you all. :)


Kristy said...

I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM!!!!! (I'm shouting this by the way!) Your the best! You would never know we were in a tornado and climbing over rocks and risking our lives and all;)!

Stacey said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You are awesome, Teri!! I love this family!

Michelle Thompson said...

I love these pictures! Great colors too!