Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am getting a few more things organized for my portfolio (on my website)... this is the easiest way to get the items I forgot to put on the original disc to my friend K.  

FYI - this is a painting I was hired to do last Christmas for a friend.  It is her husband as a boy with his little sister and late father.  I really was happy with how it turned out and would love to do more stuff of this sort.

These are a couple of nativities I painted - just to show difference in color.

A while back

Ash and I did a photo shoot this summer for the M family.  We looked at them on Ash's computer and she saved them on a disc for me... but today is the first I have done any editing.  I want to use some for my new website, so while I am at it, I thought I'd put some of my favorites here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mostly Cut-Out Cakes

Teri asked me awhile ago to post all the other cakes I've made. So, here ya go....this isn't all of them, but most. I included the beach ball cake that I forgot to include in the fondant cakes. The rest of these are not made of fondant. I frosted the majority of them with White Mountain Frosting and decorated with candy. A few have store bought or buttercream frosting. The Winnie the Pooh and Scooby I have made more than once, they are made with a mold pan. I probably should have just put my favorites, some of these cakes are not so good. Some pictures aren't the easiest to see, either, but anyway here they all are. Most of my ideas come from my kids and what they ask for. Which ones are your favorites?